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Milbar’s patented “OnTest” service is an online hydrostatic testing service to collect and distribute information during the hydrostatic test. Information such as pipe pressure, ambient temperature, pipe temperature, ground temperature and test technician comments are collected and displayed using a custom engineered mobile data acquisition system and then stored in a database.

During the testing operations, pipeline operators can log in to our web site and view the test information in real-time. Pipeline operators can view the same information that is displayed in the test trailer, as well as, all stored test information for reconciliation calculations. This ability to access and review information allows for expedited test acceptance by pipeline operators. Milbar’s “OnTest” service complements hand written logs and deadweight testers used on conventional hydrostatic tests. It works as a backup to standard methods and gives greater resolution by collecting information on a continuous basis from all instruments, local and remote. This feature allows for greater hydrostatic test data interpretation, more reliable test administration and easier test data documentation.



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