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Milbar Hydro-Test was incorporated in July of 1976 and began operations under its new name in January of 1977 as successor to Williams Pressure Service Company. Since its incorporation, Milbar has tested over 100,000 miles of cross-country and international pipeline. In terms of equipment and experienced personnel, Milbar is the largest hydrostatic testing contractor in the world. We are capable of carrying out fifteen hydrostatic tests at any one time, offering the fastest turnaround of any hydrostatic testing operation. Our operations are based out of Shreveport, Louisiana; Calgary, Canada; and Houston, Texas. Milbar has completed testing projects throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, South America, Panama, Asia and The Ivory Coast. Projects have ranged from 798 miles of 48-inch to a few feet of 2-inch.

Typical services offered by Milbar involve the cleaning, testing, dewatering and drying of pipelines across the country. Maintaining such an extensive inventory of equipment and having the personnel to operate it enables us to mobilize testing crews anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. After the completion of each project, Milbar provides certified test reports and all other pertinent information as evidence that the pipe has been tested according to company specifications and in agreement with federal regulations. Milbar also offers its services for pipeline projects involving chemical cleaning, rehabilitation and conversion. Although new pipelines are continually being built, emphasis on the conversion and rehabilitation of existing lines is of great interest not only economically but also environmentally. As a leader in the hydrostatic testing industry, Milbar's experience in pigging operations and fluid management allows them to provide state of the art services for a growing market.

In addition to field operations, Milbar has assisted most major pipeline companies with the planning of their hydrostatic testing programs. Including identifying test section limits, selection and testing of water sources, development of equipment requirements, material requirements, specifications and identification of the elements of testing which critically interfere with other operations. Some of Milbar's major achievements are the completion of technical assistance and supervision contracts for the hydrostatic testing of both the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System and Mexico's Cactus-Monterrey gas pipeline. Each of these projects involved approximately 800 miles of 48-inch pipeline. In addition to these pipeline projects, Milbar has provided technical assistance and testing services for nearly every major pipeline system in the United States. Milbar Hydro-Test has the reputation for providing the pipeline industry with unsurpassed engineering standards and performance. Our engineering staff is recognized for furnishing its customers with anything from intricate test plans to verification of the most insignificant questions. Regardless, Milbar is always ready to provide answers or suggestions concerning your pipeline services needs.

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